Clients, please read.

First off, Thankyou so much for taking time to read this, I really appreciate it. 😊

As you are probably aware, when I’m working I’m pretty busy, and only having a small space to work from means that for appointments to run smoothly, and so that you don’t all have to sit on each other’s laps in the waiting area, it’s really important that you don’t arrive too early or too late.

To put earliness into perspective;

If you arrive any more than a minute or two early, chances are I will still be in treatment with the previous client, which means that for me to come and let you in, their appointment is interrupted. And if you have waxing in particular you’ll know it’s not always easy or possible for me to stop what I’m doing to answer the door. 

If you arrive any more than ten to fifteen minutes early there will probably be another client due in before you, in addition to the client that’s currently in treatment. This means that there’s not enough space for the three visitor vehicles to park on the drive outside, or any space for you to wait inside. 

Once it is your appointment time please come and knock, as I don’t always know that you’ve arrived and might just be chatting.

If you do arrive early and knock while I’m in the middle of a treatment, on my break or if you’re the first client, you could be waiting a while for me to answer – which means depending on the season, you might find yourself standing in the rain ☔️ Of course, if you’re arriving on foot and likely to be early (due to bus/train times) please let me know earlier in the day. I don’t expect you to be stood outside in the freezing cold or rain if you don’t have a car to wait in. Same if you arrive bursting for the loo, let me know and I can let you in! I’m not a complete monster (I don’t think, lol). 

If you are super early or you anticipate that you’re going to be early you can always drop me a text, and see if I will be ready for you. And if I don’t reply you’ll know it’s because I’m busy with clients. 

To surmise, if it’s your appointment time please knock, if it’s before your appointment time please wait til your appointment time to knock or text me and see if I can fit you in earlier. And if you’re more than 10-15 minutes early please be aware that you might not be the next client due.

On a related note, please also be mindful of parking. You can park two cars side by side on my drive, so please try to allow space for another car to get on (you can block my car in). I’m very conscious of cars parked on the road being a nuisance to neighbours, especially after work when people want to be able to park outside their own house, which I’m sure you can understand.

Thanks for reading and thanks for your cooperation,