Footlogix Pediceuticals

Whilst on lockdown, loads of companies were offering free online courses and webinars. One of the courses that I did was for Footlogix, I’d had my eye on it for a while after seeing it at a trade show last year, so I jumped at the chance to learn more. And OH MY GOD I am SO glad that I did, it’s absolutely amazing!

It’s what they call a ‘Pediceutical’ foot care range, what that means is that it’s pharmaceutical grade products that deliver real results. There is an extensive range of home care products, literally something for any foot problem you can think of, and also a range of professional products to do an in salon ‘Medi-Pedi’ treatment with. It’s still every bit as relaxing as a traditional pedicure, but with the addition of the enhanced ingredients and wow factor finish. It’s a bit like a facial for your feet!

From just one salon treatment you can see an immediate and in most cases dramatic difference in the condition of the skin. It is left soft, smooth and hydrated, without being scrubbed and shred to within an inch of its life.

Before and after just one in salon Footlogix Medi-Pedi © Kate Dearn


It’s always recommended to follow on from a professional treatment with the correct home care products. It prolongs your results and will keep your feet in good condition all year round.

footlogix before and after

Footlogix Pediceuticals home care products are a mousse based range that are free of synthetic oils, enabling them to penetrate the outer layers of the skin instantly, leaving no greasy residue, and are the only brand to use Dermal Infusion Technology (DIT) to penetrate through the whole epidermis, not just that outermost layer.

Footlogix Pediceuticals are:

  • Non-occlusive: do not seal or impede the natural functions of the skin, thereby allowing it to transpire (to give off moisture through the skin) normally.
  • Non-greasy: socks and shoes can be worn immediately after application and will not break down support hose. Simply apply and go!
  • Hygienic: applicators have a sealed system that does not allow air into the container, enabling bacteria-free dispensing.
  • Effective: protects damaged skin against infections and most efficacious for the dryness associated with the Diabetic foot.
  • Easy to apply: products are rapidly absorbed, creating great user compliance.
  • Highly effective: clients see fabulous results immediately and transformation in a few days.
  • Endorsed: by leading Doctors and Podiatrists across North America and Europe.
  • Transformational: they will elevate the results of your pedicures to where “Medi meets Pedi”.

Check out these pictures for an idea of just what can be achieved with this phenomenal foot care range, AT HOME…

Cracked Heel B&A
Before and after using Footlogix Cracked Heel Formula at home.


Effective for the treatment and care of extremely dry skin with thick calluses, cracks, rhagades and fissures.

With regular use, Footlogix Cracked Heel Formula adds moisture to the skin,
effectively eliminates and heals deep cracks. Contains Primrose Oil and CoQ10: an anti-ageing ingredient which increases the strength of the skin and fights free radicals, and Urea which hydrates and locks moisture into the skin

Recommended for very dry skin, thick calluses and deep (sore) cracks.

Nail fungus B&A
Before and after using Footlogix Anti Fungal Toe Tincture Spray at home


Effective in treating discoloured, lifting toe-nails and ideal for the protection and care of toe-nails prone to fungal infections (Onychomycosis). This Toe Tincture Spray is made with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients which penetrate into the skin under the nail eliminating the fungus.

This odourless, spray formula is easy to apply, with its unique multi-directional, pin-point spray format. With no brushes or wands this is extra hygienic and prevents product contamination.

Contains Panthenol — from the Provitamin B5 family — to heal and restore nails to health and Avocado Oil which transforms unsightly, discoloured toenails to a natural shine.

Recommended for lifting, discoloured and cracking toenails prone to fungal infections, unsightly, darkened, thickened toenails with deep ridges, toenails yellowed from extended wearing of nail polish and “aggressive” pedicures and wearers of narrow shoes with tight toe boxes, non-breathable footwear, and much more.

Peeling Skin B&A
Before and after using Footlogix Peeling Skin Formula at home


Effective in treating peeling skin on the foot and between the toes associated with clammy feet and Athlete’s Foot. Also ideal for the protection and care of skin prone to fungal infections with its Anti-fungal agents which provide relief of itching, peeling, scaling and irritation. Ends the embarrassment by transforming unsightly to healthy feet.

Contains CoQ10, an anti-ageing ingredient which increases the strength
of the skin and fights free radicals. Also contains an effective anti-fungal agent. This product contains no moisturisers and no urea, so you would use this first to treat the peeling or fungal issues, then you could move onto a more moisturising formula.

Recommended for Athlete’s Foot and clammy skin, and peeling skin
between the toes, Bare feet exposed in gyms, saunas, pools, hotel rooms, airport security, change rooms, etc. And wearers of boots and non-breathable footwear.

Rough Skin B&A
Before and after using Footlogix Rough Skin Formula at home


Effective in treating dry, rough skin and skin prone to fungal infections.
Contains CoQ10: an anti-ageing ingredient which increases the strength
of the skin and fights free radicals. Also contains an effective anti-fungal agent.
This product does offer moisture to the skin so is ideal for Diabetics and sensitive skin and is a really effective treatment for rough skin on the feet.

Recommended for dry, unsightly, flaking and rough skin. Bare feet exposed in gyms, saunas, pools, hotel rooms, change rooms, airport security, etc. The treatment of fungal skin infections: Diabetics, atopic dermatitis sufferers, etc. And it is AMAZING for wearers of sandals or flip-flops and those who walk barefoot on a regular basis.

Sounds good right?

Well this is only four of the fabulous Footlogix products, which are for the most common foot issues. But there are many more products in the range such as Cold Feet Formula, Sweaty Feet Formula, Tired Leg Formula, Foot Fresh Deodorant Spray, the list goes on… Oh, not to mention the Footlogix ‘At home’ Foot File – I’ve never used anything like it! Its different to the Microplane foot files that I also sell, it doesn’t have the little blades, but it’s just as effective.

You can book yourself in for a treatment using the online booking site, or if you’d like to purchase something for home use get in touch! As I said, there is something for everybody. All I’ll need is a good clear picture of your feet and to ask you a few questions to determine the most suitable course of action.

Bye for now! Kate x