Designer inspired fragrances minus the hefty price tag (and never tested on animals!)

Perfume. The vast majority of us wear it, right?

But did you know that whilst animal testing on finished cosmetic products and raw materials is banned in the EU, that doesn’t mean that your favourite perfume isn’t tested on animals. Currently, if a product is legitimately sold in China it has to be tested on animals at the cost of the company selling the product. So they might be cruelty free at the time of production, but they certainly aren’t by the time the product reaches the Chinese market. Note: This is set to change with limitations on May 1st 2021, some cosmetics will no longer require animal testing, but some will. More information about this can be found here.

So when I realised two of my all time favourite perfumes that I have worn for years and years were sold in China, I vowed not to buy them again. So I started looking for an alternative, and found a company called FM. They make designer inspired fragrances, cruelty free, and with the added bonus that they are way cheaper than the designer brands. I found a match to my Givenchy Ange Ou Demon Le Secret perfume (FM 01), and loved it so much that I bought a match for my Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb (FM 20), and loved that so much that I have signed myself up to be able to offer them to my clients!

I know what you’re thinking. Why are they cheaper than the designer fragrances? It’s simple really, they don’t have to pay millions for those weird cryptic perfume adverts you see on TV with big movie stars, yeah I’m talking about you Julia Roberts, or for the fragrance counters in department stores, or for glossy magazine adverts. It doesn’t mean the quality is any less at all. I’ve been using them myself for over 6 months so I can vouch for that. They’re actually made in the same factories as some of the big brands, they just have lower operating and advertising costs, that’s it! And at the moment you can save 25% on the Pheromone and Intense collections until April 5th 2021, making them even more of a bargain!

Aswell as perfumes, they also have complimenting body mists, lotions, and even home fragrance. Including some brilliant car fresheners and wardrobe hangers, I am definitely going to get some of those, its such a cool idea!

So if you’re running out of your fave perfume, or fancy trying something new, just drop me a message using the contact form at the bottom of the page or if you want to buy now follow this link to go to my FM store – FM STORE


Heres a little bit more information on the different FM fragrance collections.

Pure £16.90

Containing 20% perfume oils, this is a high quality Parfum, not an eau de toilette so will last 6-8 hours on the skin. 50ml bottle.

Pure Royal £26.50

Containing 20% perfume oils, the Pure Royal collection is an Eau de Parfum using more expensive oils and comes in a fancier bottle. 15ml or 50ml bottle

Pure Intense £20.90

Containing 24-30% perfume oils, this is a fragrance that lasts! A pleasure that never fades away.

Powerful experiences that intensify with every passing hour. Enjoy the INTENSE perfume for an incredibly long time (8+ hours). 50ml.

Pheromone £17.90

Are you looking for that finishing touch for your dream date outfit? Go for PHEROMONE. Be remembered. With these perfumes you’ll leave no one in doubt. Pheromones are odourless substances added to perfume to reinforce their stimulating effect. Pheromones are the secret weapon, with a mission to boost attractiveness and self-confidence. Seduction has never been so easy. 50ml bottle.


Whats your style?

A note on fragrance ‘matching’

I just want to put it out there that these fragrances aren’t exactly the same as the fragrance it is inspired by. There would be all sorts if legal issues if they were. Some are really good and you’d never know the difference, others are similar but not quite as exact. My two favourites I honestly can’t tell the difference. And don’t forget that everybody’s sense of smell is different and everybody’s natural scent, body heat, hormones and pheromones will make each fragrance behave differently. Have you ever smelled perfume on someone and thought it was amazing then tried it yourself and it was awful? …Exactly! So just remember while these fragrances are inspired by other designer fragrances, they might not be exactly the same. But generally speaking, find which fragrance family you like, and which fragrance notes you prefer, and you should come up with a perfume that you like regardless.

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