Is your skin red, irritable, dry, tight or rough?

Do you get random breakouts, even though your skin isn’t oily? 

Does your skin feel hot to touch?

⛔️ STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING! You need to read this.

It sounds like you could have an impaired skin barrier. 

❓What does that mean? 

Well, imagine your skin barrier is a brick wall, made up of flattened skin cells (bricks) and held together by fatty acids, ceramides and other lipids (mortar). Inside of the wall you have all the layers of your epidermis and dermis plus essential water and outside you have bacteria, pollution, uv, all the bad stuff. That brick wall (your skin barrier) is designed to keep the essential water in, but also to keep those nasties out. 

So you can see why if your barrier is impaired, your skin starts acting up in all kinds of weird ways, because it’s open to anything the world throws at it.

❓So how does your skin barrier become impaired/damaged?

It can happen for a number of reasons, most commonly I see barrier damage from over cleansing and over exfoliating, generally using unsuitable products (often recommended by the latest unqualified beauty blogger or friend) which destroy those lipids that are holding the skin ‘bricks’ together. Other factors include external aggressors such as heat, UV, allergens, pollutants and mechanical damage from scrubbing or being too rough.

⁉️Ok, so how do I fix it?

There’s no quick fix, it can take time to restore your skins barrier and get your skin back to health. But my immediate advise, unless you’re already on a barrier repair program given to you by a skin therapist or dermatologist, is ⛔️STOP⛔️ whatever you’re doing. Right now, stop it. You need to use something gentle and completely inoffensive to your skin – and no, just water won’t work because water can actually dry your skin out, baffling I know. 

You need to go back to basics, just cleanse, moisturise, SPF. I recommend Eve Taylor Ultra Soothing range which has no essential oils added, just soothing and calming natural ingredients to restore and nurture your skin. Plus the Eve Taylor Nourishing Serum which is packed full of fatty acids, to repair an impaired barrier and reinforce the epidermis to reduce further barrier damage and irritation. For SPF either the Eve Taylor Moisturising Solar Shield SPF 25 or Daily skin Defence SPF 50.

But this isn’t a one size fits all solution, I have some other tricks up my sleeve and I am always trying new products to recommend, so to get the best tailored advice about your skin please get in touch. Send me a list of what you’re currently using and I’ll need to see some pictures of your skin and we can have a chat and I can help you choose the most suitable products for your skin.

Sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest difference.

Big Love,

Kate x