Laser Hair Removal

This latest evolution in Laser technology, endorsed by leading medical experts, is safe and highly effective in the treatment of hair reduction.

Suitable for virtually any area of the body, laser hair removal uses selected wavelengths of light rapidly pulsed onto the skin to heat the target hair follicles causing terminal damage and preventing regrowth.

We make our diode treatment as comfortable as possible using skin cooling pre and post treatment, plus active skin cooling through the applicator head during treatment.

I won’t promise you totally pain free, but most people say they don’t feel much after cooling and it’s quite quick, so it is bearable.

Laser hair removal is effective on hair that is in its active growth phase, therefor each treatment affects approximately 30-60% of the hair within the target area.

Due to this a minimum of 8 treatments is recommended to ensure treatment of all growth cycles. The average for a successful program is 8-10 treatments then maintenance treatments as and when, which could be once a year or even once every few years.

Please note, due to the nature of the treatment results may vary and we can never guarantee a particular treatment outcome. Grey, red or white hair cannot be treated. Some blonde hair may also not be treatable and as such results may vary.

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