Cancellation policy

This applies to full or part cancellations and reschedules.

  • Cancellations with less than 72 hours notice will result in a charge equivalent to 50% of the appointment
  • Cancellations with less than 3 hours notice or Failure to attend an appointment with no prior notice will result in a charge equivalent to 100% of the appointment

IMPORTANT: These charges apply to full or part cancellations and will be taken from any pre payment or the card details provided. This cancellation policy may change without notice.

For full or part cancellations and reschedules please always give as much notice as possible, please don’t wait until you receive your reminder as this is too late. Early notice not only enables you to find a suitable alternative appointment without having to wait, but also gives me some opportunity to fill your original appointment, as realistically I need 2-3 weeks notice to fill cancellation slots. Every booked then cancelled appointment that I can’t re-fill means a loss in income for me.

Cancellation policy applies to all appointments and will be enforced regardless of the reason for cancellation. This is not to be spiteful, but to protect my income. If you feel there may be a need for you to cancel your appointment you are welcome to wait until closer to the time to book.

If you can’t commit to a date in advance, but then you do struggle to find anything suitable online, please just drop me a message to see if I can get you in somewhere, or you can add yourself to the wait list so if an appointment does become available you will be automatically notified immediately. I’ll always try to accommodate when I can. 

As always I’m striving to offer a smooth running, fair and easily accessible service for everyone. 

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