Four ways to fix your Autumn skin

It’s no secret that the summer of ’22 has been one of the hottest on record and allowed us to bask in extended periods of sunshine and warmth. With autumnal temperatures rapidly declining, it’s important that your skincare regime isn’t caught off guard. Small adjustments and changes to the autumn skincare wardrobe can make all the difference.

1. Change up your cleanser.
Ensure the cornerstone of your skincare regime is adjusted according to the season. Look to switch from a foaming wash to a lotion or cream-based cleanser like Soothing Cleanser formulated with nourishing oils which support epidermal layers by maintaining skin lipids without drying. If you still prefer a foaming action, Dynamic Resurfacing Cleanser is packed with argan and cotton seed oils and offers a creamy texture with a mild foaming action to deeply cleanse, resurface and nurture the skin in one go.

2.Increase exfoliation.
Autumnal skin can quickly become dull with the remnants of summer tan and skin build up adding to a lacklustre appearance. Increasing exfoliation helps to give a refreshed complexion and allows serums and moisturiser to work more effectively. An enzyme or acid based exfoliant like Resurfacing Cream Exfoliant is amazing for dissolving away dulling cells to reveal soft, brightened skin. It’s so easy to use, just apply to clean skin and leave for 3-10 minutes (like a mask) depending on your skins’ tolerance, then wash off.

3.Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate.
Humidity in the autumn season decreases which can leave your skin feeling parched of moisture and tight. Including a serum into the regime is great all year round but essential during the colder months. Our top selling Hydrating Serum is ideal for all skin types and thanks to the Hyaluronic Acid locks in up to a thousand times its own weight in water whilst softening and plumping fine lines leaving skin looking healthy, hydrated, and dewy. Go one step further by using Soothing Masque twice a week to further boost epidermal moisture. Formulated with aloe vera and green tea it offers unrivalled benefits for a soft and supple complexion.

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4.Don’t forget the SPF
Whilst the sun isn’t blazing as it was in the months gone by, its destructive UV rays are still present and can catch you off guard leading to ongoing ageing and skin tone issues – even on those gloomy days. Applying a standalone SPF as the final step of your daytime regime is the most effective way to protect your skin, but if you’re time strapped, a multi-purpose moisturiser with built in SPF can be a great practical option. C+Bright Priming Moisturiser SPF30 is a four-in-one formulation, moisturising, brightening, protecting from damaging UV, and priming, in one easy application. It leaves your skin moisturised, glowing and silky, with no residue, and it makes an amazing base for make up!

If your skin is more on the drier side you might prefer our Age Resist Moisturiser with SPF 30, it has a slightly richer formula, which will nourish parched skin and protect from premature ageing.

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