New cosmeceutical skincare range now available!

I am so happy to introduce you to the incredible, 100% vegan and cruelty free, CLINICCARE™ skincare range.

Cutting edge technology cosmeceuticals with immediate and long lasting effects. All products are designed to provide long lasting deep skin hydration to prevent premature skin ageing and use state-of-the-art technology to ensure the highest levels of safety.

One of the main and crucial components of CLINICCARE’S skin care products is its’ low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. And when I say low molecular weight, I mean LOW;

For reference, the skins intercellular space is approximately 30nm (nanometers) in size, which, to give you some idea of just how small that is, its about the size of 30 seconds growth on your fingernails – it’s THAT small. Most good beauty brands will have Hyaluronic Acid at a weight of 800-3000nm, which is far bigger that the space you want them to get into – It’s like trying to drive a car into a mouse hole, it’s just not going to happen, so the molecules will just sit on the surface of the skin. CLINICCARE’S low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid is only 5nm – so that’s more like a mouse going through a cat flap, meaning a huuuuge difference in quality and performance.

So why is this Hyaluronic Acid so important? Well, it plays an important role in metabolic processes and cellular synthesis in the skin whilst it also protects the cellular immunity and helps prevent infections. But one of the most important and desired features is its ability to retain moisture up to 1000x more than its own weight, which means it’s holding hydration in your skin and giving a plumping effect. If you want to know more about Hyaluronic Acid click here (external link).

In addition to this super low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid, is an absolute abundance of some of the best biotechnology, active ingredients and botanicals available, to target your skin concerns with no fuss.

The entire range consists of just 19 products which are suitable for all skin types and cover all skin concerns from irritated skin to pigmentation – don’t worry, you don’t need all 19 – On average each individuals routine will consist of just 3-6 products.

To make life easy there’s just one Lip & Eye Make-up Remover, one Concentrated Cleansing Foam, one duo-use Lip & Eye Renewal Cream and two moisturising SPF’s – Sun Sheild Cream SPF30 and Dermo-Corrective Cream SPF50++, all of which are suitable for all skin types.

There are two ‘Premium Time Reverse’ products, Time Reverse Face & Neck Cream which is for more mature skin and Time Reverse Lip Booster which can be used by anyone wanting to plump and hydrate their pout.

Then there are three target ranges, GLOW, REFRESH and PURE each consisting of a liquid moisturiser, essence, serum and a mask. They are all suitable for all skin types, but they have a TARGETED purpose.

So the Liquid Moisturiser, Essence and Serum are part of a three step moisturising regime. Each step offers a little bit more and not every skin will need all three. But it gives options that you can pick and choose to suit. Take a look at the Beauty Plans below for an idea of which products will suit your skin best and click the to find out more about each individual product.

Generally speaking everyone will use the Liquid Moisturiser (step one) for your targeted skin concern, it used to be called ‘Toner’ which we are all familiar with, but due to its ingredients and function they decided that ‘clinically speaking’ it was actually a liquid moisturiser, hence the name. Its liquid formula allows for deepest penetration of all those active ingredients, to really get them where they need to be to help your skin best. You just pop a few drops over your palms and pat onto your face – a bit like Kevin Mcallister doing the aftershave in Home Alone, but it won’t make you scream.

More info: Glow Liquid Moisturiser | Refresh Liquid Moisturiser | Pure Liquid Moisturiser

Then you have the Essence, which is the step two moisturiser. It has a lightweight gel consistency which allows for easy absorption. Refreshes, protects and hydrates without leaving skin greasy.

Contains Beta Glucan which stimulates collagen synthesis, as well as being an anti-inflammatory and skin soothing. Hyaluronic Acid, which I wont bore you with again, and that amazing sh-Oligopeptide-1 also called (Synthetic Human) Epidermal Growth Factor or EGF which encourages skin cell regeneration and has powerful anti ageing and skin smoothing properties.

More info: Glow Essence | Refresh Essence | Pure Essence

Step three of the moisturising regime is the Serum, this has a lightweight cream texture and assuming you are finishing with one of the moisturising SPF product it is usually only needed as an extra step for dry and mature skins.

More info: Glow Serum | Refresh Serum | Pure Serum

You can see below the recommended beauty plan for each target range depending on your skin type and age. Mature skin would be starting at around 50 (+/- 5 years depending on lifestyle). Click the images to enlarge.

I know by now you’re probably thinking ‘THREE MOISTURISERS?!’ but they all have their place within the Beauty Plan. Not everyone will need all of them, but it gives you more options to use something that truly suits your skin.

I’m going to write more blogs on the products and how they relate to your skin over the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for that. In the meantime if you have any questions just get in touch!