Have an appointment but feeling poorly?

We are approaching that lovely time of year where so many of us are hit by bugs and viruses. We try to power through, we go to work, we attend appointments, but all we are doing is spreading the love germs around and making everybody else poorly.

The following is taken from the NHS website 


I really don’t want to be ill, and I have pregnant and vulnerable clients attending appointments, so if you turn up to your appointment coughing and sneezing please don’t be offended if I ask you to go home.

Think practically, if you’re holding a tissue to your nose can you really have your nails done?  And if you can’t lie down for coughing are you going to be able to lie down for your eyebrows or bikini wax? Not to mention that your pain threshold will be lower if you’re feeling under the weather.

As a general rule, if you’re coughing, sneezing and sniffling to excess (ie, more than once every 15 min)  please cancel your appointment ASAP and stay home! If you have mild symptoms, I may wear a mask and gloves, or I may ask you to wear a mask 😷

If I am a little bit poorly I will always wear a mask and take all hygiene precautions. If I am moderately poorly but still able to work I will always give you the choice wether you still want to come or not.

I hope all clients can understand this isn’t only for my benefit, but for all clients visiting for appointments.