If you have teenagers, read this!

Teen skin takes around 28 days to renew, but the skin actually naturally exfoliates almost a layer a day without the application of any products. So why is it so important for teenagers to use products?

Well, we all know from the fact that they can be right stroppy nightmares sometimes, that their hormones are running riot. One of the major side effects of these hormonal fluctuations is an increase in sebum production, which can create a build-up of debris on the skin’s surface. If not properly attended to this build up can develop into blackheads and breakouts.

While the use of a mild exfoliant can lift this debris from the surface, harsh exfoliants and chemicals can in many cases exacerbate the problems that teen skin faces by damaging the skins natural barrier. This may also increase skin sensitivity and sebum production – as sebum is produced as a protectant as well as a means of disposal of waste and cell debris. 

So before you buy your teenager cleverly marketed, but largely ineffective, products from the high street, speak to me first. Eve Taylor Teen-Skin Actives offers a natural, no-fuss solution to gently normalise, control and correct young skin into adulthood, whilst at the same time establishing a daily skincare routine which they will carry on into the future. 

If you want to really boost results, you could consider a course of in-salon treatments too, such as Celluma LED Light Therapy, which works at a cellular level to kill the acne causing bacteria instantly, as well as cooling and calming the skin. Or maybe an Anti-Acne facial, to deep cleanse the skin and soothe the skin without any heat or irritation. 

With both homecare and professional treatments, as their skin changes and improves, we can easily re-evaluate these products and treatments and make changes where appropriate.

Teen Skin Actives starter set includes Clearing Skin Wash 50ml, Clearning Skin Lotion (Toner) 50ml, Clearing Spot Gel 15ml and Anti-Shine Skin Balm 50ml for only £20. Great skincare at an affordable price.



More information here: Teen Skin Active Brochure PDF